At their first meal together at a Japanese restaurant, Jennifer and Patrick discovered a shared passion for food and travel. Japan would become a recurring theme in their love story, as they would share many wonderful trips to the Japanese Archipelago, learning not only about the country, but also about each other.

They continued to date, to learn and grow from each other. And there’s a lot each loves about the other. For Patrick, it’s Jennifer’s determined personality and her passion for adventure. He admires her commitment to the challenges she undertakes. He loves that every day can be an adventure with her, no matter what they decide to do.

For Jennifer it is Patrick’s kindness and humor. He is always gentle and caring. Jennifer loves how Patrick makes her laugh, always finding silly things to share with her. She know that in thought times, can count on Patrick to keep her grounded and that they can handle anything together. She knows that Patrick will be her number one cheerleader and that he will support her in everything she endeavors.

Here is their next day edit film.

Le Windsor wedding coordinator : Amy Nunes Teoli
Flowers: Romanoff Flowers
Ceremony Officiant: Josee Dagenais
DJ: Universal
Photography: Blushing Bride

Ioan Films | Lifestyle Cinema | Montreal Toronto Ottawa